November 11, 2015- Charlotte, NC – Southeast Super Truck Series regular Cole Glasson will be a triple threat in the opening weekend of Myrtle Beach Speedweeks 2015.

Glasson, 15, will be racing in the Southeast Super Truck Series (SESTS) feature race as well as in both Southeast Limited Late Model (SELLM) races which make up this weekend’s University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) 400. That will make up 250 laps of racing in two days for the Texas teenager.

“The Southeast Limited Late Model race will be my first Late Model race,” Glasson said. “We’ve had two tests so far and I’m pretty comfortable with it. We’re running with Mitchell Mote Performance and I’m pretty excited about that. We’ll be in good hands this weekend and we have good people working on the car and helping me with everything.”

Mitchell Mote is confident that Glasson will be a contender in both SELLM races which include a 50 lap SELLM Challenger race on Friday and the 100 lap SELLM Pro race on Saturday.

“I had the chance to work with Cole when he raced with Martin Nesbitt and was extremely impressed with him,” Mote remarked. “When we went to test the car, I was even more impressed. His consistency and ability to adapt quickly to equipment is next to none. I think he will easily be a contender to win all three races.”

Mote has teamed Glasson up with veteran racer and crew chief Lee McCallister. McCallister thinks Glasson will be a future star.

“Glasson is most definitely one of the top up and coming drivers rising this day and age,” McCallister commented. “Cole is ready for this transition and I am certain he will continue to advance up the ranks. I have no doubt he will be in the top levels of NASCAR in the future.”

While Mote and McCallister both feel Glasson is up for the challenge of running three races, Glasson knows it will be a test of strength and stamina. He has prepared himself physically and mentally for the race by working out harder so he can arrive at Myrtle Beach in his best condition.

“I’m used to running 75 lap features in Southeast Super Trucks,” Glasson explained. “Me and my dad run four times a week to get our endurance up . I’ve been lifting weights to work on upper body. We’ve been running quite a bit sometimes 13 to 14 miles a day to get my endurance up. Only thing I worry about is having upper body strength to run those races.”

Glasson has raced at Myrtle Beach Speedway before in the Southeast Super Trucks and he knows that speed alone doesn’t win races at the challenging racetrack. At Myrtle Beach Speedway, it’s all about tire management.

“I went to Myrtle beach two years ago. My first race there was last year in the Super Trucks and it was 100 laps. I got a feel for it, tested there. Last year we went in with a strategy. Last 20 laps ,we turned it on and it was a dash to the finish. This year will be about the same, not go out too fast, maintain pace and the last 20 laps is when we turn it on and go.”

His experience in the Southeast Super Trucks, racing for veteran racer Martin Nesbitt, gives him confidence that he could win at least one of the three races he’s entered to compete in this week – if not all three.

“We’ve had a great truck these past couple of years and I hope to close out the year with a win or maybe even three,” Glasson remarked. “Following our two great tests with Mitchell Mote in his Late Model, I am excited at the opportunity to race his car in these two events. I owe a lot to my family, both teams, MPM Marketing, Starkey Mortgage, ProSoap and new sponsors Tilghman Golf and Beach Resort and Captain George’s Seafood Buffet for allowing me to have this opportunity.”

This weekend’s tripleheader, which will be the final races Glasson competes in this season, will also serve as a good practice session for the future as he gets the handle of a Late Model Stock Car in hopes of moving up in 2016.

“I think that this weekend will be our last race of the year,” Glasson stated. “We’ll look forward to next year. It will give us good experience for next year. It will be like a practice round to get me ready for next year.”