MYRTLE BEACH, SC , November 14, 2015– Cole Glasson was awarded the win in Friday night’s Southeast Limited Late Model (SELLM) Challenger race at Myrtle Beach Speedway.

Glasson inherited the win after Justin Fontaine’s win was disallowed because he had scored a victory in a Late Model Stock Car race at Kingsport Speedway. Series owner and operator Ed Cox confirmed that Fontaine’s win was disallowed to

“If you read the rules, it says, Limited Late Model, one win to run Challenger and Late Model, one win to run Pro,” Cox told after the race. “You cannot win a Late Model race and run Challenger. [Fontaine] is perfectly legal to race tomorrow. He’s won one Late Model race.”

Cole Glasson’s victory in Friday night’s race was his first career Late Model win of any kind and came in his first career Limited Late Model start. He will also race in Saturday’s 100 lap SELLM Pro race and in the 100 lap Southeast Super Truck feature.

“It’s going to be my first race in Late Model and also my first win so we’re really excited,” Glasson said. “I can’t really tell how excited I am. I think it’s a big confidence booster, especially for tomorrow’s race. I know that we’re going to be able to go in there confident knowing that we have a good car and I just can’t thank the team enough for giving me this opportunity.”

Along with his victory in Friday evening’s race, Glasson also scored the pole for Saturday’s Southeast Super Truck Series race.

Justin Fontaine had led every single lap in Friday night’s race and crossed the finish line first. He confirmed to in victory lane, prior to his disqualification, that he had won a race at Kingsport in 2015. Fontaine scored the victory, his first, on June 12th.

“This one is a little different,” Fontaine remarked. “The first one we did, it was a 35 lap deal. Kingsport’s always going to be my home track. That’s always going to be the place I’m most proud of winning at.”

Fontaine said after the race about Saturday’s SELLM Pro race, which he is eligible to compete in, “We’re winning that one”.

Luke Sorrow will be credited with finishing in second. Results are still being finalized by Myrtle Beach Speedway officials.